Thursday, January 1, 2009

Year in preview

I don't have a crystal ball but that doesn't mean I can't make predictions. I made five predictions for on what 2009 will bring.

What do I foresee? An historic road win for the US, massive failures for a pair of strong national teams and no MLS action for one superstar.


man-from-michigan said...

Luis, though I respect your opinions and predictions, I have to disagree with the USNT winning at Estadio Azteca. It is not gonna happen and Donovan will not even score there in August. It will be a great game, but no win for the USNT.


A.Ruiz said...

Ummm...the worst thing that could happen to CONCACAF would be for either the US or Mexico to miss the draw. I don't see how either them could miss the World Cup. I mean, I get what you're saying about it being more competitive (especially in UEFA). But that just isn't the case in CONCACAF.

But I dunno even if they didn't get in automatically. They would probably get the playoff, Mexico vs the 5th place CONMEBOL team for the last spot. I gotta give Mexico a shot. You know how slackers can be, always leaving it to the last minute. Then pulling a miracle all nighter to make it all up.

Also, I don't think I've seen the US do anything to make me think they can win in Azteca. That stadium has some serious mojo. Although I contend that losing to the US in Azteca would be the best thing to happen to Mexico in a long time.
Sorta like a junkie hitting rock bottom.

Although if Sven isn't a total moron, he will just tell Mexico to sit back, defend and counter the US. Let's see how Donovan and co. like that.

starinyourfire said...

us winning mexico would be huge, with the way mexico has been playing i too wouldn't be surprised if they missed the cut and that would be sad to see since they've been the concacaf powerhouse through out the years.

depending on what moves they make or how donovan performs i wouldn't be surprised to see him go, but i think it will all come down to the price tag that MLS puts on donovan so he could leave to go be at bayern.

Rudy said...

As a Galaxy fan, I'm hopeful that Landon will stick in Germany. (And that Beckham stays in Italy)

I agree with the other comments made, I just don't see the win in Mexico. Maybe a draw at best.

Nicole said...

I'm with you, Luis. I see the US winning in Azteca. We could have won last time, when we finally scored and it was 2-1, if Bruce hadn't stuck LD out on the wing in order to start a very poor-performing Claudio Reyna (who was sucking wind after 5 minues) in the middle of the park. We looked vastly different in the second half, when LD was moved inside.

Bruce went into that game scared and his formation and choice of players proved it. Bradley won't be afraid and neither will the temam.