Friday, January 30, 2009

Sacha staying?

Sacha Kljestan appeared ready to head overseas to Scotland after a week with Celtic and a hat-trick with the U.S. national team. But Celtic has apparently decided against investing more than $3 million in the American international.

According to this report in the Evening Times, Kljestan's price is too steep for Celtic.

That doesn't mean Kljestan will be back necessarily as the January transfer window is still open for a day or so. But if he does go abroad, it probably won't be to Celtic.


Anonymous said...

Are Celtic bosses cheapskates or is Kjelstan overrated?

I think its the former. They tried to low ball Brad Guzan last year too. WTF?

They want our players but they don't want to pay for them.

How rude!

Anonymous said...

Luis do you know when Kjestians contract is up with Chivas USA and MLS? I hope he stays with Chivas USA maybe until the summer!

Anonymous said...

He's in the final year of his contract.