Friday, January 9, 2009

Pan Pacific, Part II

Looks like the Pan-Pacific Championship wasn't a made-for-Beckham special after all.

The Pan-Pacific Championship will go on for the second consecutive year, and this one will be played without David Beckham. The LA Galaxy are involved, of course, but the club is hosting the tournament this time around.

Dates have been scheduled for Feb. 18 and 21 at Home Depot Center as the Galaxy will play host to doubleheaders that will feature clubs from Asia. Participating clubs are: Samsung Bluewings from Korea, Shandong Luneng from China, Oita Trinita from Japan and the Galaxy.

A year ago, the Galaxy participated in the event, which was held in Hawaii and featured Houston as well as Gamba Osaka and Sydney FC.

The Galaxy will play Oita following Samsung-Shandong on Feb. 18. Winners will play for the title two days later while losers will play for third place.


Joseph D'Hippolito said...

You know, Luis, I get so sick and tired of the tournaments that do nothing but make money -- and allow the Galaxy to show how inept they are.

L.B. said...

Without Becks, I'm not sure how many people will turn out for this. The hard core Galaxy fans will be there but aside from that... not sure.

Nicole said...

Who cares if it makes money or not.

It's preseason games the Galaxy can play without having to travel anywhere. It's good for the Galaxy.

Anonymous said...

Any chance Chivas USA will be involved? Makes sense since it'll be at HDC.

Rudy said...

The 3rd place and championship final double header is bonus game number one for Galaxy season ticket holders. You can imagine my excitement.

Mark said...

i think everyone involved is just stoked gamba osaka isn't going to be partaking in this tournament this year!