Monday, January 5, 2009

Panchito wants to stay

Francisco Mendoza was an unused substitute for Chivas against America in Saturday's InterLiga match, but that doesn't mean his experience isn't going well.

In fact, if Mendoza had things his way, he'd stay with his hometown club.

"If I were to make a choice, believe me when I say that I'd be happy to stay here," Mendoza told Mural. "We're going step by step though and the most important thing is to be in the mix for this season."

Mendoza said that, if the coaching staff wants him to stay, everything else - all the necessary paperwork and moves to get him from Chivas USA and MLS to Guadalajara, for isntance - would take care of itself.

"I don't see that as difficult. Both front offices get along with each other. They are partners and so from that end I don't see it as complicated at all. It would just be a matter of figuring out what would be best for me."

In the end, though, Mendoza said he felt it was up to him where he played professionally this year.

"I believe this season will be a test for myself. Now that I've been given the opportunity here,. everything is in my hands to whether I stay or go back to MLS. We'll see what happens."

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Anonymous said...

Mendoza isn't even starting and I doubt he'll see minutes in the tougher games. Mendoza back to Chivas USA.

Where he gets the balls to talk like he's staying is beyond me. lol