Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Castillo piles on the hate

Since he's an American, Edgar Castillo was asked about what he thought about Alexi Lalas' comments of the apparent hate that flows from north to south.

Castillo told Reforma that the hate for Mexico is strong.

"What can I tell you about what he said? Over there, all the Americans hate Mexico."

(Again, Reforma is a subscription site so can't link to the story but here's the full quote in Spanish: alla, todos los americanos odian a Mexico.)

Originally, Lalas' comments were taken for more than what they were; in Mexico the media has blown it up as Lalas hating Mexico the country and its people. That's what the media is playing the build-up to this game apparently, how there is a lot of hate from the US towards Mexico. Castillo certainly hasn't done anything to dissuade from that.


Chris said...

Lalas said he "hates" Mexico and even though he later apologized and claimed that the word hate had different meanings in the US and Mexico (I know, it sounds ridiculous) he proceeded to backtrack and tried to clean up his comments.

Castillo knows the deal, it's merely a sporting rivalry that gets taken too far by some fans but the Mexican media is anything but rational and will look to play the "hate" angle.

Either way, nobody better qualified than Castillo to speak about the subject, eh?

It's funny how shy the kid is.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that Mexican Media always makes it a Hate issue( they should just come out and say its the Whites vs Mexicans thing). They certainly want to make it that. They always try to paint that BS. What are they going to say When More and more US born Sons of Mexican immigrants Kids start suiting Up for the Nats. Are they going to say oh those kids arent really mexican or they hate their heritage.

man-from-michigan said...

The Media is always play the "hate" angle like CHRIS said. I think we are ALL smart enough to know that it is all in a sports context. If you think otherwise, then you need to evaluate yourself.


Anonymous said...

Well said, Michi.

Remember its Lalas. He's a buffoon. Wynalda said stupid stuff all the time and got himself canned from ESPN.


Anonymous said...

I'll be honest. . . Lalas didn't say anything as "stupid" as the press made it out to be. I watched the minute the clip was in, and it was pretty clear he was talking about a strong soccer rivalry, mixed in with a smidgin' of 'smack talk.'

Anonymous said...

Well, if Lalas' comments were bad.. i think Castillo's are worse. "Over there, all the Americans hate Mexico." Here it sounds as if all americans, soccer fans or not, hate mexicans. Meanwhile, Lalas was reffering to the soccer match and the mexican players. Can't believe some people are just too dumb to realize this and start bashing on Lalas for saying how most of us USA fans probably feel ABOUT the match, not the people. Mexicans must feel the same way about us. Besides, I'm glad he said it cause it only makes the game that much better.