Saturday, January 17, 2009

Panchito debuts

And he looked great!

Panchito Mendoza came on in the second half of Chivas' season opener against Cruz Azul on Saturday. He drew a red card when he got kicked viciously in the shoulder. That didn't exactly take a great deal of skill but still he was right there battling for a ball and took a beating for his new team.

He actually looked dangerous on the left wing. He had a couple of good crosses and made some other good passes. He looked poised and confident and capable, didn't look timid for one moment.

Not sure if Mendoza can nab a starting spot but he didn't hurt his chances any on Saturday. Chivas tied 3-3 incidentally. Carlos Ochoa had two goals while Amaury Ponce got the other as the newcomers did well for their new club.


Anonymous said...


man-from-michigan said...

Good for him! Good thing he has been practicing those crosses.


soyj said...

its funny that he NEVER went on one of his "dribble fests" like he did with CUSA. as soon as he got the ball, he'd pass it up.

Anonymous said...

Good for him!

Anonymous said...

I missed the game. any highlights?