Friday, January 16, 2009

Pieces in motion

I wrote about Francisco Mendoza and Jared Borgetti and their significance and potential impact on Chivas USA for this morning.

Borgetti seems poised for a move stateside and I wanted to explore that, Chivas' relationship with their MLS franchise and how Mendoza's move to Mexico could affect not just himself and his former club but all of MLS.


soy said...

how would borgetti fit among:


L.B. said...

Good question. Hmmmmm... I was going to look at each position as the preseason got here so I'll more in-depth thoughts on Chivas USA's forward line in the coming weeks but initially...

I'd say Braun and Atiba will be used more on the wide side of the midfield with Panchito gone and Sacha likely gone too. Razov has to play, he's just too good of a finisher and too valuable to not start. Esky showed he can carry the load last year too. Galindo's health is the x factor in all this.

Best-case scenario, everyone's healthy and Borgetti gets here... I'd be tempted to start Galindo, Razov and Borgetti up front with 'Tiba, Marsch and Nagamura in the midfield. You might be able to get away with that, especially with Bornstein at left back he could slide up to the mid on attack and drop back to defend without getting caught upfield.

It's tough, though. You could potentially have four very good forwards up there fighting for two spots and that's not counting Braun and 'Tiba.

soy said...

and i forgot alcantara (if he ends up with the team). what a busload of forwards!

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Granted, I'm none too fond of target players but why would anybody want Borgetti? He's one-dimentional and he's past his prime. Vergara tried this trick before w/Ramon Ramirez and Martin Zuniga, and it didn't work. How stupid does he think Chivas USA fans are?

Jedik said...

he might be one dimensional, but its the dimension we're missing.

When was the last time we scored by air?
Corner kick?
few and far between.

sticking him in the front could give us options and add something to our game thats missing.

Anonymous said...

"How stupid does he think Chivas USA fans are?"

uh, if vergara does bring borgetti to chivas usa, i'd say, very, very stupid

Anonymous said...

I'm confused.
Are we stupid or not?
Can you posters make up your mind?
Rhetorical questions are stupid.

Chivas USA season ticket holder and friend of El Michoacano.

Anonymous said...

I want Bofo or Chamagol(now playing in Mexico's 2nd div.) but will be ok with Borgetti joining our club.

Modelo Negro drinker and better friend of Michiocano.

man-from-michigan said...

Full disclosure, old or not, Borgetti is my favorite player! Bringing him in will give us a great option in the box. He doesn't need to run a lot to do that. It will also allow Ante and Maykel to be unmarked because defenders will want to mark him more when in the box. His experience will help our younger players that have the body and ability to play the way he does, Braun and Atiba. Borgetti is playing for the love of the game now, not the money. Even though I would also love to have Bofo here, it's not gonna happen any time soon, money being the issue.

Anonymous and Joseph,
You should be saying "How stupid does MLS think we are?" We pay for it as a whole. Yes we support different teams in the league, but remember it is single entity. No matter what, we as MLS fans are getting screwed with the hype of all these players coming in. And of course we continue to pay for Season Tickets.

This is El Michoacano and I approve this post!

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

I'll revise my comments on Borgetti because of what people more knowledgable than me said, and also because of the fact that CD Guadalajara got him to help with its heavy schedule. For that last reason, I don't see him coming here; Guadalajara needs him more.