Monday, January 26, 2009

Nacionalismo erróneo

Here's a commentary about the ongoing debate over the naturalized Mexicans on El Tricolor.

Now, personally I don't have an opinion on the whole thing one way or the other. I was born here in the U.S. so that really isn't something that affects me.

But I wanted to share this commentary (in Spanish) from ESPN's Roberto Abramowitz.

He's not really seeing eye-to-eye with people like Guillermo Ochoa, who has been critical of foreign-born players on El Tri.


WK said...

there is a lot of pride among mexicans with their nat'l team and for good reason. as a US fan, i'm proud of the fact that the vast majority of our players are now born & raised in this country. however, whether you're a 'naturalized' US citizen or mexican, if the player wants to play for your country's shirt and is good enough then great. anything else only hurts your program.

Anonymous said...

Telling it like it is. Pride is one thing. Convenience is another.

Thje USMNT have used naturalizaion to help form previous selections.

Mexico has so also.

Memo reminds of the boy in the bubble. He can't see outside his world.


Anonymous said...

I am a MNT supporter and if the law in any country says you're a Mexican or American or whatever country you're in, then you should have all the rights other citizens have. If the mexican players are scared of losing their spots on the nat. team then this should only encourage them to train/play harder.

man-from-michigan said...

If you can vote for the President of any country, you are a citizen of it. 'Nuff Said!!!


Anonymous said...

I vote for El Michoacano.


Anonymous said...

so good to hear this view in a forum such as espn... this is not "nationalism," it's xenophobia, it's mexican xenophobia... i am glad it is finally getting some exposure.

saludos, d

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Mexico has traditionally been xenophobic; that reflects its fundamental insecurity as a society. Just ask how Guatemalans and Salvadorans feel about Mexico. The national team's players and Tuca Feretttis ofr the world should just shut up and deal with the fact that some of their would-be teammates might be naturalized. If they can play, who cares? I've heard that this Antonio Naelson kid can play. ;)