Tuesday, January 27, 2009

US-Mexico countdown: No. 16

16. US Cup ’95; Washington D.C.; June 18, 1995: US 4, Mexico 0

The rivalry wasn't really a rivalry in 1995 as Mexico had enjoyed nothing but success against their American counterparts. The United States had scored a victory or two earlier in the decade but those had mostly been written off as fortunate victories by the U.S. In Washington DC this day, however, the United States' performance against Mexico could not be written off as luck. Roy Wegerle scored a key early goal to give the upstart Americans a quick lead and Thomas Dooley and John Harkes added first-half goals to give the Americans a resounding 3-0 halftime lead. Mexico was on the wrong end of a blowout against the U.S. for the first time ever. Harkes' goal marked the first time the U.S. ever lead Mexico by three goals, and Claudio Reyna's second-half strike gave the U.S. the final 4-0 victory, the first and only time the U.S. has beaten Mexico by at least four goals.

United States: Kasey Keller; Mike Burns, Marcelo Balboa, Alexi Lalas, Paul Caligiuri, Thomas Dooley, Mike Sorber, John Harkes, Eric Wynalda (John Kerr, 71), Roy Wegerle (Cobi Jones, 20), Claudio Reyna (Tab Ramos, 71).

Mexico: Jorge Campos; Jorge Rodríguez (Missael Espinoza, 68), Guillermo Hernández (Gerardo Esquivel, 46), Manuel Vidrio, Ramón Ramírez, Ignacio Ambríz, Marcelino Bernal, Alberto García Aspe (Alberto Coyote, 86), Luis García, Carlos Hermosillo, Luis Robert Alves "Zague" (Joaquín del Olmo 73).

US - Wegerle 3
US - Dooley 25
US - Harkes 36
US - Reyna 67

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