Monday, January 12, 2009

Now, the Cup

CD Guadalajara is through to Copa Libertadores. After winning the finals on penalties, Chivas has reached Copa Libertadores directly and will advance to Group 6 of the tournament proper.

Atlas meanwhile came back from a 3-0 deficit only to crash out of the tournanement on penalties... lots of them.

Here's what the residents of Guadalajara awoke to this morning:

Chivas will make up Group 6 along with Lanus of Argentina, Everton of Chile and Caracas of Venezuela. San Luis will also participate in the tournament and will be in a group along with San Lorenzo of Argentina, Libertad of Paraguay and Universitario of Peru. Meanwhile, Pachuca, who beat Atlas, will play U de Chile in a play-in series.


Juan said...

Congrats to Pachuca and Chivas. I wanted Atlas to get a spot for upsetting America and coming back up from a 3 goal lead, but it didn't happen. Can't wait for the Libertadores! I love latin american style of futbol, watched some EPL soccer over the weekend (ManU vs Chelsea, and Liverpool game) talk about boring, IMO, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Its only boring because you dont relate to those teams. Its the case with alot of LMF fans i know. ask them about europe and all they know is Real Madrid and Barcelona.

but back on topic it'll be the same story with the mexican teams. semi-finals and out.

Anonymous said...

Luis how come you didnt cover the interliga this year ?