Saturday, January 24, 2009

US-Sweden match

I'm here at Home Depot Center for the game. I didn't really want to do a running blog so I won't. However, I will provide some updates and commentary. It's going to help keep me sharp. I haven't covered a game since MLS Cup and that's been a while. Also, reffing has caused me to think like a ref now so I'm paying a lot more attention to contact or possible contact between players and the ball than I am to the usual soccer stuff. I have to stop that.

Anyway, Sacha Kljestan just scored a nice goal. It was a 34-yard free kick, at least that was the distance we think it was. Nice shot, to which one reporter joked "He learned that at Celtic."

Alright, now we're in the 40th minute and Kljestan just picked up his second goal of the game. Kljestan buried a penalty kick and now the US is up 2-0 behind two Sacha Kljestan goals. I wonder if he's got his bags packed for Glasgow yet.

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Anonymous said...

ongrats to Sacha for his hattrick. The funny part is that the USNT cannot draw a full capacity crowd at the HDC and the same people that call for a rebranding of Chivas USA don´t say anything. LOL. Too bad they cant rebrand the USNT to attract more fans. LOL.