Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chivas USA update

Ante Razov had been rumored at heading to Mexican club Leon but he won't be going there or anywhere. A club source told me that Razov will stay at Chivas USA for the upcoming 2009 season.

Razov is the league's second all-time leading goal scorer and just one of four players who have played every one of MLS' first 13 seasons. He had only five goals a year ago and missed time to injury but he is still an important piece of the team's puzzle and one of the team's most valuable players.

Another player who is set to return is Raphael Wicky. The highly-touted former Swiss international spent most of his time off the field as injuries limited him to five games. But he's back and could threaten for a starting spot if healthy.

As far as Francisco Mendoza, the likelihood of him sticking around is slim and he may very well be officially out of MLS in the coming days.


Joseph D'Hippolito said...

So that means that Wicky takes over Mendoza's spot in left midfield?

Has Chivas USA seriously considered trying to get an experience goalkeeper? Has the club made any attempt to get Oswaldo Sanchez (who would be a perfect fit)?

Anonymous said...

I would hope, so. Also, does Mendoza leaving mean more pt for Flores?

Wicky is GOOD, when he's healthy.

It would be funny if Chivas went for Joe Cannon who is a free agent.

I think the Goats go for Frei in the draft.

Sanchez + Preki = Sanchez getting his mouth bitch smacked by El Preki.


Jedik said...

I've been waiting for mendoza to leave. Never liked him.

Now, with Wicky staying we can put him in Mendoza's place, or have him fight it out for one of our central mid spots. That leaves the left open for Flores or possibly Victorine if he sticks around. (the latter of which i think preki would go for)

or do something crazy and get a new LB and stick bornstein in left mid. His speed + Galindo's speed right in front of him would be good.
Plus, no worrying about having a 3 back line on the counter because bornstein would be covered by the LB.

Anyways, I'm happy Razov and Wicky are still here.

Now about those rumors with Borgetti....

Anonymous said...

On second hand, maybe Osvaldo to CUSA wouldn't be sooo bad.

I don't think we could afford him, anyways.


RHYbread said...

I hope CUSA gets Oswaldo. My season tickets are probably at the corners of the goal this year...Galaxy-CUSA games are going to be even more fun.

Anonymous said...

I'd prefer to have Bornstein at Left back and move up once in a while, the attack is virtually non-existent when plays up front. He can run, but his skills and vision aren't the greatest.