Friday, January 30, 2009

More help on the attack

Pavel Pardo said that against the United States, Mexico needs more numbers going forward. More specifically, he said that El Tri needs more players in order to have more numbers on the attack.

Said Pardo: "We've come to realize that when Matias (Vuoso) or (Carlos) Ochoa are alone, they need another player to accompany them up front. It's not the system or the players, it's just that we need more people in the area, more attack-minded players."

Despite their horrible performance against Sweden and the lackluster semifinal performances, Pardo for one hasn't lost faith.

"There are things that haven't gone well but others have been positive, such as the great attitude of the players within the group," Pardo told reporters in Mexico on Thursday. "That alone isn't enough but it's a great starting point. I have a lot of faith that the situation will improve for the best."

Meanwhile, Oswaldo Sanchez said that Mexico will rise to occasion when they need to.

"We have to maintain our faith and remain united," he said, "because we are certain that we will win when we absolutely have to win, and that will be against the United States."

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