Thursday, January 22, 2009

Marquez ruled out for 1-2 weeks

Might another high-profile Mexican international be absent from the US-Mexico match on Feb. 11?

Days after learning that Andres Guardado will be gone for six weeks, Mexico learned its star defender has been ordered out of action for up to two weeks. Barcelona doctors have told Marquez to rest for up to two weeks after he was diagnosed with strained muscle.

The qualifier is three weeks away.

Also out for the match are Gerardo Torrado, Carlos Vela, Fernando Arce (all suspended) as well as Guardado. Defender Jonny Magallon is close to returning from injury and has targeted a return in early February but whether he's match-fit or plays at all remains to be seen.


rosyf said...

Well, damn.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

at least now the mexicans have a ready-to-go excuse for the serious ass-whippin' they're gonna get in columbus...

gentlemen, start your cryin'... right about now

Anonymous said...

Make no mistake, it will be a close game. Mexico can ill afford to lose or look bad.

That said, the US has to destroy them in Columbus. The return game in the Azteca will be HUGE!