Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Feeder team

Chivas USA's youth team has a quality prospect in their ranks, but if he develops it will be for another team.

Mural ran a story today about Leopoldo Morales, a forward on Chivas USA's Under-19 team. The team is participating in Copa Chivas in Guadalajara, which is a well-scouted youth tournament. Morales told Mural that he has decided to stay in Mexico and pursue his options with Tigres.

Morales was born in Mexico and according to Mural does not have resident status in the U.S. Thus, although he is considered one of the best prospects the club has, he hasn't been able to move beyond the Under-19 team with Chivas USA. A way around that could possibly have been to ink him to a youth international slot but not sure if the club would have been willing to spend such a roster spot on a teenager who's never played professionally before.

"I have lived in the United States for 18 years, since my parents took me there as a baby, but I don't have my papers (resident status)" Morales told Mural.

Morales has scored twice in the tournament and was also being scouted by Guadalajara but he told the paper that his mind was made up and he was going to pursue his options with Tigres.

While this may be upsetting to Chivas USA fans, what's worse is that he's not the only one the club has encountered in his situation. If the team comes across a good-looking prospect of, say 14 or 15 years, and they know the kid is undocumented, there is really no point in pursuing him. I know that has happened before, and some talent is going undeveloped.

Morales, though, went through the system for a pair of years and if he does develop it will be for someone else.


Anonymous said...

THat sucks. I sense a Denis Te Klose connection. Did he not go to Tigres?

L.B. said...

Yes, that is where he went after leaving Chivas USA. Te Kloese was instrumental in getting Chivas USA up and running on the football side of things, for those who werent familiar with him.

Anonymous said...

It's not easy for young promising players in US, no chance to make it to Chivas USA first team with the current set up and ideas; even less now that the reserve division is gone...more talent will look south for opportunities, smart move by Tigres it seems. Regards from bell Gardens, CA.

Jonny said...

thats crap! polos a great player..grew up playen soccer with him in livermore california