Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Not holding back

Carlos Ochoa has gotten a bit of a new lease on life. He was one of the surprising call-ups by Sven Goran Eriksson when the Swede took over El Tri, and his move to Chivas now puts him on a high-profile club.

Maybe now that he's more involved in the Mexican soccer landscape he feels the need to talk more. He didn't really hold anything back Monday when asked about his thoughts on the US-Mexico rivalry.

Ochoa said Monday that Mexico is superior on all levels.

"With all due respect, the United States' players are physically strong, they've worked for a long time but the Mexican soccer player and Mexican soccer is superior than theirs, with all due respect. We have a better level. We know more about soccer. The only advantage they could possibly have is the work they put in."

Here's the link to the story (thanks RA!)

Ochoa is with the Mexican national team for three days and will have a chance of playing against both Sweden (on Jan. 28) and the United States in Ohio. Should Ochoa and the rest of his Tri teammates face subfreezing temperatures in Columbus on Feb. 11, he said their valiant nature would supersede any sort of weather conditions.

"Us Mexicans are very brave. We've brave and that's going to show on the field. It's going to be cold for them and for us but we're going to be fine. We're going to win."


Anonymous said...

"...Maybe now that he's more involved in the Mexican soccer landscape he feels the need to talk more..."

I dont think so. I think he's talking more because he is in great form (so far), so naturally the media looks to speak to him.

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah...Yeah, Mexico is still a little better than the U.S. in technical respects, but Ochoa (like practically every other Mexican) conveniently forgets one simple fact: The U.S. is improving far more quickly than Mexico. Better yet, U.S. players comtinue to look to Europe for opportunities, while most of the foreign-based Mexican players are already starting to come running home. They'll languish in the modest Mexican league, while U.S. talent will keep on sticking it out in Europe and improve. So go right ahead and talk all the smack you want, Ochoa. You may be too clueless to realize it, but your time is running out, pal!

man-from-michigan said...

Anonymous 2,

You are right in regards tothe US improving far more quickly. But you are also saying that the Mexican players are running home. It is better to go home and have playing time than to be in Europe and ride the pine. No one can deny that. Playing time is what counts. That is the reason Neri Castillo, for example, is not going to get called up, he has not been playing. Aaron Galindo and Pavel Pardo both came home, and not because of lack of playing time. Talking smack is expected! What do you want the guy to say, "The US is superior, they are going to beat us." Would you want one of your USNT players to say that about any country they are playing? What Sven said is true, "The goal in the Hex is to go to Africa 2010, not just to beat one team in their home." Going in with that mentality will take pressure off the players and help them play more comfortable in my opinion. Which in turn can actually lead to a win in Ohio. We will see...it will be a great game for sure!!!


Adam said...

Who is Carlos Ochoa?

If the only advantage the US has is the work they put in, then why not put in the work to and win every time? Loser.

Leave the talking to players on your side who have actually beaten the US.