Thursday, January 8, 2009

Davino to Puebla

Duilio Davino was a bust with FC Dallas and the team and player parted ways following his one unproductive season in Major League Soccer.

But he still has some gas in his tank, enough to land a job in Mexico. Davino joined Puebla with a little more than one week left before the start of the Clausura 2009 season.

Puebla isn't exactly a luxurious club. In fact, for Davino this represents a new challenge. Puebla is on the brink of relegation and needs to piece together a strong campaign just to stay in the Mexican First Division.

It will be interesting to see how Davino handles action in the first division again. He seemed overmatched at times in MLS, not being able to handle the speed of some opposing forwards. If he's the player he was for FC Dallas, Puebla will struggle. If he can recapture some of his form from... oh, well, you have to go way back to a find a time when Davino was actually productive... so maybe 2005, 2006?... then Puebla will at least have a player who has won a Mexican league title and has been on successful clubs before, which could help in their fight against relegation.


Anonymous said...

His response to why he came back. he missed the media and signing autographs. Nevermind that he completely sucked for FC Dallas. ironically he's playing with Former FC Dallas member Ramon Nunez. Who i think would have been a great fit for the galaxy but Lalas at the time brought in Dominguez.

Anonymous said...

davino's done, finito... he was also awful in his last year with club america...