Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cuauhtemoc to Puebla

Cuauhtemoc Blanco will play home games in a stadium that shares his name, if all the necessary paperwork goes through.

Blanco is reportedly close to joining Puebla, who plays home games in Estadio Cuauhtemoc. Blanco will reportedly join the team immediately on a short-term loan and will head back to MLS on March 15.

Puebla officials said they've discussed ways around the rule that limits players to two teams per year, as Blanco has already played for both Chicago and Santos Laguna in the last several months. Puebla is battling relegation and needs all the points they can get to stay in the top flight. If Blanco is around for only a short period of time they would likely be fine with that.

Still, for Chicago and MLS it seems this is yet another risky move. Blanco has done well to stay injury free since joining MLS and during his stints with Santos and El Tri in that span but this is a move that could put Blanco in harm's way.

If anything, though, it should make the Mexican league more interesting for both MLS and Chicago fans.

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