Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Milan wants Becks

AC Milan wants to keep David Beckham. There's a surprise. Beckham has been playing very well for the Italian club and the prospect of losing him in about six weeks isn't enticing to the club. Never mind that Beckham is already under contract with the Galaxy and MLS and is only there on a short-term loan.

Still, Milan officials said they were "prepared to pay a fee" for the Galaxy's captain, and such a transaction could fetch the league's biggest transfer fee in history.

It's too early to know if and when Beckham will make his return. He's supposed to come back March 9 and if something does happen it probably won't happen until closer to that date. So the entire preseason then will hinge around whether or not Beckham will even return, barring some sort of official He-Ain't-Going-Anywhere statement signed off by Becks, his people and Galaxy/MLS officials.

Galaxy coach Bruce Arena wasn't too pleased about the rumors and more specifically Milan people even bringing up the possibility of hanging on to Beckham for longer than the loan deal. And although he said the loan is in place and will end on March 8, Milan might not take no for an answer.


RHYbread said...

God I hope so. All the money the Galaxy make probably is making AEG very happy; It's just not worth it though. With Beckham, the emphasis has and always will be on winning now. The Galaxy have deteriorated too much for that scenario to have any chance. We need to build from the ground up again like we did early in the decade.

Anonymous said...

I think Capello has made it clear to Beckham that, if he wants to have a hope of continuing his international career, he will need to be playing in a top professional league.