Friday, January 9, 2009

Good as gone?

Francisco Mendoza could earn his first start for Chivas de Guadalajara in tonight's InterLiga game against Tigres at Home Depot Center. He stands to have a shot of more action on Sunday should Chivas advance to the final.

If I'm a betting man, I'm guessing this will be the only time we'll see him around HDC this year.

Mendoza has long stated that he has a contract with Chivas USA but a source explained otherwise. Chivas de Guadalajara can take Panchito back when they see fit, and they don't even need to ask for permission.

Officials from Chivas Mexico are in the Southland for InterLiga and will hammer out Panchito's future over the course of the next few days... if it hasn't been hammered out already. If Chivas wants him, they will take him, and from what coach Efrain Flores has said the club wants him.

What could stop Chivas from nabbing themselves a left-sided midfielder? A poor showing tonight, for one. A bad attitude for two. But since Panchito has never shown anything close to a bad attitude, it probably will come down to how he plays tonight, again if the decision hasn't been made.

Chivas of course is fairly loaded and have a deep midfield. But the club struggled last season, did not reach the playoffs and Flores is lucky to have survived the offseason. Newcomers Aaron Galindo, Amaury Ponce and Carlos Ochoa have already been brought in to reinforce the team but injuries to Jonny Magallon and Omar Arellano threaten to deplete the team ahead of the Clausura 2009 season. Thus, Flores might feel the need to bring Mendoza - who has been fairly injury-free during his career in MLS - to use as an option off the bench and an occasional starter.

I'd say a possible heir apparent to Ramon Morales but I don't think Mendoza has the potential to be as good as Morales has been. Mendoza is a fine player and a solid starter for Chivas USA. His problem throughout his career has been his lack of aggression. He doesn't score much, in fact had zero goals a year ago. But he showed he could play defense as he spent part of last season at left back - which to be fair to Mendoza also contributed to his lack of goals.

Still, Mendoza has always been a bit tentative around the goal and his long-distance shot is nonexistent. But playing for Chivas, the club of his dreams near his hometown of El Salto, might have ignited a fire under him and we might see a brand-new Panchito Mendoza tonight.

Whatever kind of player we see, though, we'll probably see him only on television in 2009.


Anonymous said...

Good for him.
How does this impact ChivasUSA in your opinion?

L.B. said...

Yeah, it's great for him. I couldn't be happier for him to be honest.

As far as Chivas USA goes, I think we could see Jonathan Bornstein more in the midfield role if that happens. Preki isn't scared about using Bornstein in different positions, from left mid to central defense (yikes!) to right back.

Depends too if Dejair returns since he could be in the mix as well.

But one person who might logically fall over there is Justin Braun. He's not much of a finisher up top but he's active, pretty solid player and could be dangerous from the left side.

There's always Sasha Victorine but he's months away from overcoming his injuries. I dont think Chivas is in trouble necessarily should Panchito leave, though I think right now they are better with him than without.

Anonymous said...

Mendoza doesn't have a power shot, the elegant free kick, the ability to play the wings and provide a good cross, and composure under pressure the way Morales does...I won't be too sad when he leaves, Dejair is a much better option.

Good for Mendoza though.

man-from-michigan said...

For some reason I am not convinced that Panchito will stay with CD Guadalajara.He does not have the the ability to cross, shoot from distance or finish. He does play hard though. Hopefully he does play good so he can live his dream and play there. SHould he leave, which I hope, Jorge Flores is the perfect person to take over Panchito's position. Jorge's natural position is at left mid. I think that Suenio would play better than Braun in that position. Jorge has shown that he can produce!


Anonymous said...

Mendoza looks lost and nervous.

man-from-michigan said...

Panchito said that he will be staying with Chivas Guadalajara if they get a spot in the Libertadores. Other than that, he will come back to Chivas USA.


Anonymous said...

I think his heart is in Gudalajara. He should go. Chivas will have to move on.
Too bad, Guadalajara is not more "giving" in its allocating players to Chivas USA.
Oh well, Preki will somehow find a way not to play him anyways.


L.B. said...

ELAC, that's the thing. This has always been a one-way relationship. What has Chivas USA gotten since the first season from CD Guadalajara? Jesus Morales? Johnnie Garcia? I think each played twice for Chivas USA. Beyond that... a couple of guys who came in on trials and wanted way too much money?

And now Guadalajara gets back the guy who was penciled in as a starter for the 09 season, the guy who has played the most games in franchise history. And what does Chivas USA get in return?

Anonymous said...

Chivas USA needs to have control of their own ownership, not some guy far away in Mexico. Or i guess thats it, Guadalajara will come in a take are best Mexican-America youth players while we get the scraps. They make some bullshit up "Oh their Mexican, their family was in the Bracero program thats why their gringo" like i heard them saying.

As far as panchito, he should stay with Guadalajara, thats his dream and i wish the best fot him.

Chivas USA needs to get rid of some staff if we don't come out strong in 09.