Saturday, January 3, 2009

First Clasico of 09

Chivas and America will renew their hostilities tonight in Houston in an InterLiga match.

The covers above are from Mural (in Guadalajara) and Reforma (in Mexico City). As an aside, I saw the Mural cover first and figured there would be lone America player gracing Reforma's cover but Carlos Ochoa showed up there as well. I wonder why the Mural people didn't include an America player and only showed the Chiva nacion member. Is it because there are more Chivas fans in Mexico City than there are America fans in Guadalajara? I wonder...

Anyway, the projected starting lineups are as follows:

Chivas: Michel; Ocampo, Reynoso, Mejia; Solis, Araujo, Baez,, Morales, Ponce; Ochoa, Medina.

America: Ochoa; Castillo, Ortiz, Valenzuela, Sanchez; Beausejour, Pardo, Vera, Chitiva; Cabanas, De Pinho.

"Panchito" Mendoza is slated to be on the bench for Chivas.

This will be the first time Chivas and America meet in InterLiga. They've played many, many times before but never in this scenario. They've actually met in Copa Libertadores before, in 98, and have played in the playoffs many times before as well, most recently in 2007. Expect a lively match tonight, probably the liveliest and most energetic game Robertson Stadium has ever seen.

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