Thursday, January 29, 2009

Harsh fallout

Mexico lost to Sweden on Thursday and up next is their toughest rival. Mexico plays the United States in Columbus, Ohio, on Feb. 11 and El Tri has done nothing to erase rising doubts over the state of their national team.

Mexico barely qualified for the Hexagonal and after a 1-0 loss to Sweden the criticism from their media and fans is harsh (the picture is Reforma's cover for Thursday).

Here is a sampling of today's headlines:

Let's pray (Esto)

More doubts (La Aficion)

El Tri is defenseless (El Universal)

Sweden defeats a Tri with scant ideas (El Financiero)

Lack of goals worrisome (Esto)

On the bottom of one of the story from El Universal, several readers posted some thoughts about the national team and their latest setback. I took the time to translate them. Not sure if it represents how a majority of fans feel.

* Deception! Thanks to the mafia that is the FMF which just like our government is full of inept and corrupt people. Why should we be enraged if these kinds of failures have been going on forever? Please tell me something good the national team has done in the last 40 years? Deception and ineptitude!!

* I believe we have many years of the same thing. We've stopped dreaming. I believe that the reality is $$$$. I would be really happy if Mexico did not qualify for the World Cup so there would really be some changes. Note: I do like the team but let's face reality.

* It's an embarrassment what happened to the national team yesterday. Mistakes continue to hurt us. If they continue playing this way, believe me, we won't be going to the World Cup.

* It's a shame to see so much ineptitude and lack of professionalism within the players and the coaching staff. But that's how corrupt the FMF is.

* Poor Tri: no attack, no midfield, no defense. What can we expect? More deception. But it seems as if everyone in Mexico suffers from amnesia. Loss after loss, the same idiotic mistakes are still being made. Who can save us from this debacle? Not even el Chapulin Colorado!


Anonymous said...

They look so defeated. I know they finished losing just before that picture was taken, but still.

I hope they rise to the occasion in Columbus.

P.S. Decepción means more along the lines of disappointment.

man-from-michigan said...

I'm not worried about the Hex. The goal is to make it to Africa and not just beating the US. Did it really matter if we won, lost or tied last night? The match was to see other players that had not been seen. A lot of the players last night will not be in the call-up tomorrow. Either way, VAMOS TRI!!! SI SE PUEDE!!!


Anonymous said...

Any quotes from the Mexico players/coaches?