Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chivas USA to open camp

Chivas USA will return to the field on Wednesday, Jan. 28. The club will open its preseason one week from now.

Not sure if any of the rumored players from Chivas/Tapatio are headed here or not, or when they'll join the team if they are but one player who will be there is forward Reynier Alcantara. A source confirmed that the Cuban defector will in fact be part of Chivas USA's preseason efforts.

As far as the rumored players headed north, Arturo Ledesma was being mentioned as a possible starter for Chivas in certain upcoming games, for instance ones that clash with national team games. If Ledesma is even being mentioned as a possible starter, it doesn't seem likely he'd be in mix to head north.


Anonymous said...

Great, lets see what is to come for 09!

Anonymous said...

Why you include the June 11th 2000 match ,it wasn't an oficial Mexico team.It was basically Pumas with reinforcemnts ,they even wore puma's uniform