Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Much to offer

I think I've changed my mind on Brian Ching. Before I was one to put Kenny Cooper ahead of Brian Ching in terms of the national team. I felt that Cooper could be far more effective than Ching if given the chance.

Now, I'm not saying that Cooper has exactly been given that chance - two games isn't enough to judge any player on. Nor am I saying that I've soured on Cooper completely, though I didn't think he looked good at all against Sweden.

But I do think that Ching is a key player for the national team and should start at forward, far ahead of Cooper. Cooper may have a chance to make up some ground on Ching by year's end, maybe by the summmer, who knows?, but for now it should be Ching's show.

That means Ching should be a starter for the Mexico game as well as the March 28 game in El Salvador. The April 1 match against Trinidad will be soon after a trip to Central America and health may be a factor in that game with regards to all players. I wouldn't be surprised if that game we saw a US team that featured some players who hadn't started or played much during the first two qualifiers. Maybe that will be Cooper's chance.

Anyway, here's a column I wrote on Ching for The Press-Enterprise.

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