Thursday, January 15, 2009

Galaxy land Gonzalez

The central defender of the future fell into the Galaxy's lap.

Omar Gonzalez, who had been projected by some draftniks as going first overall, was available when the Galaxy were ready to select and the club snatched him up, instantly improving the league's worst defense.

Gonzalez could step in and start from Day One. Unfortunately, that does not speak on Gonzalez's ability alone. The defense is lousy and lacking talent, and Gonzalez upgrades the backline. Sean Franklin (who injured himself and was forced to leave US camp this week) and Gonzalez could form a strong partnership in the heart of LA's defense. Still, Franklin's favored spot is right back but necessity may dictate he plays in central defense again.

The Galaxy dealt away Ante Jazic and two draft picks to Chivas USA for their rivals' second round pick and took AJ De La Garza from Maryland. A defender, De La Garza supposedly can play in central defense or on either defensive flank. Perhaps the biggest downside to De La Garza is his size, or lack thereof, as De La Garza is all of 5-foot-8. Still, the Galaxy must have seen something they liked in De La Garza to have traded a solid starter and picks for him.

With left back an open competition now (I don't concede this spot to Mike Randolph), it seems the Galaxy could have a pair of rookies plus a second-year player starting on defense. It might seem like a scary prospect but it can't get any more frightening than 2008.


Anonymous said...

Luis i need your help, apparently Kyle Chris Christensen is not on Chivas USA's roster but the galaxy.
While Kyle was drafted #35 by Chivas, which was originally LA's pick. Chivas received Jazic, the 35th and the 49th pick in the trade. LA received Chivas' 19th pick overall.

Does this mean Christensen won't be with the red & white during open season camp? but the galxy

Anonymous said...

I like the defensive push or at least the attempts. Hey, wait a minute! WTF! Does anyone know why Ty Harden was not mandated to re-join the Galaxy after flaking out last year for "philanthropic endeavors" and then going to Colorado for only a third round pick?!! There must be something more to this, right? I kinda thought he was crying about a little rough treatment from the team and being homesick or wanting/waiting to play for Seattle.

el Chavolito(Riverside)