Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wait.... what?

I don't think many expected this.

Claudio Suarez, who said he'd been offended by Chivas USA's offer of "peanuts" when re-negotiating a contract, is suddenly back with the club. Suarez, who said he preferred to play with an amateur team than go back to Chivas USA, is indeed back with Chivas USA. Suarez, who said he was treated like a dog, agreed to terms of after all.


Suarez will be available for interviews in the press box of tonight's game against Colorado at Home Depot Center. I'm guessing, he'll have some 'splainin to do.

Not sure though if the club called and apologized to the player or if the player called and apologized to the club. And really, the club did not look good at all by treating Suarez the way they did. But then again, I don't know that going around and slinging accusations was the best way for Suarez to ride off into the sunset. Apparently, though, that ride will continue at the ripe old age of 40.


Anonymous said...

Suarez is a big cry baby, and decided to get back @ Chivas USA by cry to the media and talking shit about the club. Luis its very clear, this dried grape decide to go back to Chivas USA after no one wanted his old ass. He must be senile, since when has Suarez become the image of Chivas USA lol. He was a great player, and was good for Chivas USA, but he needs to retire.

Anonymous said...

Treating him like a dog? Luis, be realistic, who in this league or any self respecting league would give a 40 year old injury prone player a contract?

Claudio Suarez got treated like a dog because he is one, hell, he looks like one of those ugly hairless Aztec dogs. JA JA JA

man-from-michigan said...

ANon @ 12:14 pm:

That was cold!LOL. He should have gone to play for Xoloscuintles de Tijuana or become their mascot. LMAO!

Seriously though, I also like what he did for Mexico and Chivas USA, but it was his time to go. HE shouldn't have cried to the media. I also don't think that CHivas USA looked bad, they didn't say anything, that I can recallm, to the media. I am sure that LEO BAUTISTA would have made significantly less money and at 24 compared to 40.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see him return. Hopefully Chivas USA's plan is to use him as player/coach(with an emphasis on coach).

Anonymous 12:14
Calling him an old dog says alot about your character. Suarez is obviously older but is all class and brains.
Union Ultra

Anonymous said...

why is everyone calling Claudio a dog? The real dogs in L.A. are the members of the L.A. SOL HAHAHA

Anonymous said...

He must not have said anything too bad as they still wanted his old ass back! Which means they still believe they need him. He may be injury prone but he obviously no more so then these young bucks they pay more money for and get hurt every other week.

joel es latest soccer news said...

Suarez should retire still has the fire.