Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another Aztecazo?

Costa Rica beat Mexico in Azteca in 2001 in World Cup qualifying.

Can it happen again?

The guys from Futbol Picante say no, but are quick to agree that they really don't have a good reason why they don't think Costa Rica will win.

Towards the end, one of the commentators says something to the effect: If you ask me if Mexico will lose this game, I will tell you no. But if you ask me why, I will have problems giving you even one solid reason why I think that. Perhaps I'm thinking more with my heart than with my brain.

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Joel Aceves said...

Well; I have one good reason. Costa Rica has not been able to beat Mexico ever since the "Aztecazo" and that was what eight years ago! Mexico even beat the Ticos in their own home; how come no one remembers that and it was more recent!! I will tell you why because the Mexican press like drama.. MARACANAZO = Brazil losing a WC final at Home. Aztecazo = El Tri losing one WCQ game at home. Granted it was their first ever loss but even so it does not compare to the monumental loss that Brazil suffered at the hands of Uruguay and what is used as comparison..