Saturday, March 28, 2009

Meanwhile, in San Salvador

Couple of things from our respective journalists down in Central America.

- Check out Andrea Canales' stuff at Some good stuff from a wealth of different players including Jozy Altidore, Heath Pearce and Jonathan Spector.

- Paul Oberjuerge has some stuff over on his blog too. He's writing for the New York Times. He writes about the country of El Salvador itself. I've never been there myself but I always kind of thought it was the way he described it.

It’s like Mexico. Except moreso. A bit poorer, a little more ramshackle, a tad more random/ad hoc/chaotic. If you wonder where those rickety buses go when Mexico decides they’re too far gone? To El Salvador, apparently. This is a country where every bus is a 30-year-old, soot-belching monstrosity, often with someone hanging out the front door.


Anonymous said...

He's comparing an entire country with the capital city of another, he's always good for a laugh.

soy said...

"It’s like Mexico. Except moreso." and then he goes on to describe its poverty.

what an ugly american this NYTimes writer is.

Anonymous said...

Ignorance and arrogance part of the American dream, right?