Tuesday, March 10, 2009

LD and Arena on LD

Just got back from HDC, it takes a while for me to get back home, but here I am now writing away.

Some of the notes and quotes from today's presser (and I'm going to update this more as I transcribe more):

Bruce Arena on having Landon back in tow:

It is absolutely critical to have Landon and his quality. This time around we not only expect him to do what he does on the field but we're asking him to do a little bit more and be the leader of this team and do the things off the field that are necessary to make us a good team on the field. Landon certainly wants to do that.

In Landon we have the best player in MLS. We were absolutely thrilled seeing him on the field today. sometimes you don't appreciate what Landon offers. When he stepped on the field today, he was all business, all quality, is well-respected by his teammates, demonstrated all the qualities we believe he has and will continue to have and be even better.

This is a great day for the LA Galaxy.

Landon on his return:

I'm very excited to be back. I had a good time in Germany. It was a very interesting experience for a lot of reasons, some good, some bad, a lot of learning. It made me certainly appreciate having teammates and having people that you are familiar with, comfortable with, enjoy being around. I enjoyed a lot of the players and staff in Munich but there is a feeling here... that is different. It's nice to be back.

Landon on Beckham's situation:

Like all my teammates, past teammates, future teammates, I want the best for him. he's made it very clear that he wants to be there. in that circumstance I'm happy for him. However fromt he Galaxy;'s standpoint it makes it quite difficult. I know from Bruce's standpoint he's trying to build a team and it makes it difficult now to do that because of this situation.

From David's perspective I'm happy for him. From the team's perspective it would be nice to move on now and kind of figure out what's going on now.

As long as he's committed to helping this team win and give us his all, he's still a world class player and we want him on this team.

Landon on whether or not he felt a negative vibe from his Bayern teammates:

I never got the vibe that there was an arrogant European thing there. Actually, on the contrary guys were very respectful. On the field you have to earn your respect and I learned that quickly. If you make plays and do things to help them out, then you earn their respect and they become a little more friendly, a little more nicer in the locker room and they respect you more. Those things I did relatively quickly and I was proud of that.