Monday, March 2, 2009

Bad idea

Remember in the late 90s when the Galaxy had some aging Mexican superstar on their team? At the start of the season, the team would go through business as usual and then sometime in May or so the aging Mexican superstar would be plunked down in their midst, the team would have to re-adjust to the player and one another and the team would go on business as usual.

Those days are long gone and the league has grown up a lot since then.

Or so we thought.

Reportedly, the Galaxy are considering a blast from the past, except this time it's an aging English superstar that would be the one dropped into the Galaxy's midst sometime in the first third of the regular season.

The Galaxy and Milan are supposedly looking into an agreement that would see Beckham join the Galaxy after all, but not until the Italian season ends. Then Beckham would be free of all other obligations and would be able to return to the Galaxy. Except, of course, his true obligation should be to his contract and the Galaxy.

This is a terrible idea, the thought of sharing a player in this way. When MLS was two or three years old, there wasn't really any other way around it, and everything was so new that nobody really knew any better. Many people didnt' care for it then as it took time for players to adjust to Jorge Campos or Carlos Hermosillo or Luis Hernandez. In 1998, the Galaxy were off to a flying start but when Hermosillo came the club regressed and it took some time for the team to recover.

The Galaxy owe it to their fans to move forward with Beckham: either he will be here at the start of the season or they'll move on without him. It should be that straightforward. Accepting Beckham's desire to stay in Milan by allowing him to do just that, stay there and join the Galaxy in the middle of the season, will send all sorts of negative messages. How insignificant will the first part of the season be with a big piece of their puzzle off in Europe? Remember 2007, when the arrival was a gigantic distraction? We could see some of that again, and who knows if this team will be able to handle that.

This drama hopefully will culminate by week's end. Until March 10 comes and goes, we won't really know for sure what will happen. But let's hope an agreement in which both sides share Beckham is not one of the options on the table.


RHYbread said...

This is depressing. The Galaxy desperately needs to move on, and another season with Beckham is exactly what we don't need.

East River said...

I agree its a bad idea to share a player or having him just dive into an on going season.

But I disagree with your assertion that Beckham should have to serve out his contract. A major part of American contract theory is that a party providing personal services should not be forced to continue performing if they wish to break the contract. If the breaching party wants to exit the contract so be it but they should pay the other party by allow paying DAMAGES. If not AC Milian then Beckham himsself should be ready to pay such a price or allow a court to do so for them. But I do not want to Beckham or anyone forced to perform when it is clearly against their wishes as it usually is a sad sight to see. Its not in the interest of his dignity or for the benefit of the fans all sides come out losers if Beckham is wearing a Galaxy jersey in 09 just to complete his contract, that will not sale tickets or jerseys thus all parties lose.

Anonymous said...

This is a terrible idea.

If the Galaxy are playing well and winning when Becks arrives in July, then he should sit the bench until the team falters. Make him fight for a position like anyone else. If the team continues to play well, let him get mop-up minutes until season's end. that I think about it. Maybe if he comes back in July, the Galaxy will be more willing to sell Donovan mid-season - something they weren't willing to do last year. Since LD wants to get to europe, and coming into a new team is always better before their training season starts, this might actually work out better for him.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me when a couple is going through problems with their relationship. One wants to move on and has made it clear, the clingy one just cant let go. The clingy one will change and do whatever it can to stay together, even if it means losing it's dignity. Its sad and pathetic to see someone in denial, but in this case it is entertaining.