Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Biggest failure?

I wrote my PE column on David Beckham and his loan deal. I compared him to some of the Galaxy's former high-profile players like Luis Hernandez and Carlos Hermosillo, well, mostly those two, in terms of how they used to join the Galaxy in the middle of the season and all that.

Anyway, the full column should be up on Wednesday and I'll link to it. But one thing I really didn't pursue was this: which one was the biggest failure?

Now, I actually think Carlos Hermosillo was decent in his time and I don't know that I'd call him a failure on the field. But he didn't bring in any large numbers of fans either.

I guess it depends what criteria you use. If it's that - the ticketing, marketing, general interest standpoint - that's one thing. If it's the on-the-field impact, that's another. Possibly. Maybe you can't judge those players without taking everything about them into account.

And it also may not be quite time yet to judge Beckham since he still could play for the Galaxy this year. I say could because I'm not sure that he will come back. After all we heard there was no chance he'd leave, then we heard the rumors, then we heard about some lame ultimatum set by the league, then we heard he was coming back on March 9, and now we hear that he's coming in July. Right.

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