Monday, March 9, 2009

An idiot AND a retard

Remember last week when I told you all that I get called an idiot on a weekly basis?

I don't lie.

Just got this in my inbox. It actually made me laugh.

You are an idiot for even suggesting that USL is better than MLS. Ever heard of the US Open Cup? Has Puerto Rico won a semifinal series yet? Well then they haven't done any better than MLS has. Only retards ignore history.


Jason said...

Jesus Christ Luis!! Stop ignoring history AND HAVE SOME CONTEXT!!!!

Keep up the good work sir.

MB said...

Of course, the name calling is over the top, but I have to admit, even as a loyal reader and fan of your blog, I also found your recent stuff on USL and MLS in the CC somewhat off the mark. No doubt some USL sides could compete in MLS, but as someone who watches both levels pretty regularly, I'd still say MLS is a fair bit stronger. Football is a funny game, as you know, and apart from the powerhouses, the better sides don't always win in the short run.

Greg Seltzer said...

The most impressive thing is that you manage to wear BOTH hats at once.

Amazing. :D

@ MB: No, USL could not compete in MLS over a season. You said it yourself: "the better sides don't always win" on a given day - doesn't mean they aren't still better.

Matthew said...

I think Luis has made some excellent points--the superior performance of USL1 sides in the CCC is undeniable. I've been impressed by their tactical acumen as well as their ability to take chances.

What's interesting is thinking about how one can reconcile these performances with US Open Cup play. I looked at Open Cup games since the advent of MLS, either pitting MLS vs. A-League sides or MLS vs. USL1 sides (see for records of all matches). Out of 89 matches, MLS teams have won 62 times (approx. 70%). One item of note, since 2005 (when the A-League designation was dropped and teams became USL1) there have been 28 matches between USL1 and MLS sides. MLS teams hold a smaller advantage over that time (16-12) than over the previous period (46-15). So perhaps the Open Cup tells us that a gap that was once wide is narrowing.

East River said...

First, the author of that message may want to know that PR Isalanders are not a US Soccer club and therefore can not play in the US Open Cup.

I don't remember LB ever saying that USL was better then MLS only that the gap was much closer than he was lead to believe. I think MLS fans are a bit overly senstitive about this. Its not USL's fault that MLS teams have sucked so hard in international competition not sponsored by SUM/MLS. MLS fans should demand that their teams take CL more seriously this fall so that they don't have to have this debate again.

Matthew said...

East River,

The same goes for Montreal, Vancouver, etc. It is also the case that sifting through those data is rife with all kinds of other interpretive problems (e.g., many MLS teams rest starters for those matches). Nonetheless, it presents one of the few data sets where MLS vs. A-League/USL1 performance can be compared over a substantial period of time. And, as noted, those data suggest that the gap is narrowing.

EricPZ said...

Wow, thanks East River I'm glad someone was aware PR aren't elegible for the Open Cup just as Matthew pointed out Montreal et al north of the border aren't as well. Bottom line, PR (and Montreal) did better in the CCC than all 4 of the MLS teams involved and the USL sides had to go through additional qualifying rounds to get there. Good for them.

History will show that Montral and PR preformed better in the '08-'09 CCC than all 4 MLS sides. There's some history for you.

joel es latest soccer news said...

He woke up on the wrong side of the bed.