Saturday, March 28, 2009

Come from behind draw

The US looked terrible midway through the second half of Saturday's match with El Salvador, trailing surprisingly by 2-0. But then the States pulled off a pair of goals and finished 2-2 and a late opportunity nearly gave the Americans a win.

In the end, though, it was one well-earned point.

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Kartik said...

Welcome to CONCACAF younger US fans. I kept telling people going on the road in this confederation isn't fun. It's not the protected sanctuary western europe is (eastern europe, now that is a different story)

A luck draw means the US now must beat Honduras and Costa Rica at home because chances are not good that we'll get a point in either place. Actually if we only lose 2-1 at Saprissa that would be an accomplishment.

Mexico is still has the best talent in CONCACAF. The gap in skill and football knowledge between guys like Guardado and guys like Kljestan is striking and embarrassing. But the FMF is dysfunctional and Sven is the wrong man for that job. This is why the US overall is better. But if Mexico tempts Aguirre or Meza back, look out!