Friday, March 20, 2009

Media guide madness

You know it's the start of the MLS season when all of the teams' respective media guides come out. I got a delivery on Thursday and inside was this:

Now, that cool little box was broken, probably got crushed by other packages but it's supposed to have a front with the league's logo on it. Still, I don't really mind since I've got what matters in the media guides. I organized them up top by how I predict each conference will finish, first through last from the right to the left, conference by conference, though I forgot how I had my Eastern middle-of-the-pack playing out.

Anyway, here are four Western teams' media guide covers.

I think the 'Quakes wanted to remind us who their sponsors were, in case we'd forgotten. RSL's got their new digs on the cover, and their spiral-bound book is always a favorite because it's easy to read.

The other four Western conference teams:

Some interesting notes: Tony Sanneh has a full bio in the Galaxy's guide although the club just announced yesterday that he'd signed with the club. I didn't even realize he hadn't signed until I saw the release. And Chivas USA's features one Mexican in the guide, but it's not Eduardo Lillingston. Claudio Suarez is part of that, just like any other player. No truth to the rumor that staff will cross out Suarez's info with sharpies during upcoming games.

And onto the East:

At first glance, Kansas City's looks strange. It looks more like a glorified pamphlet than a guide. If you look at the first picture, it's the one hiding towards the left. But it's the only media guide that comes with a CD, so perhaps some funds were diverted towards that. Still, it's lightweight and easy to carry and that's a big plus.

New York's is always the thickest, which I always find strange. I mean, it's not like they have a wealth of postseason games to document. The little MLS thing in the corner is the part that had broken off the package.

Anyway, thought you may find this interesting. Now I have to go read up on the Rapids and DC, since that's who we've got coming into town this weekend.