Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mexico's rout

Mexico dropped a five-spot on Bolivia on Wednesday in a game that will ultimately serve as a confidence-booster at best.

Matias Vuoso did well to find his scoring touch again with a pair of goals while Leandro Augusto also scored, his strike on a well-taken left-footed free kick.

Augusto probably put himself in the conversation in terms of starting against Costa Rica. He was paired with Gerardo Torrado as Pavel Pardo did not play. It's interesting now for Sven-Goran Eriksson, to see in which direction he goes. You figure Andres Guardado will be a lock on the left, Pardo will be in there somewhere and Fernando Arce is capable on the right. But you've also got Gerardo Torrado as well as Augusto for midfield options, not to mention Sven favorite "Jagger" Martinez, who performed admirably against Bolivia as well.

Of course, the big question marks will be on defense as Rafael Marquez and Carlos Salcido will not play. Aaron Galindo and Jonny Magallon figure to be in line to start but Leobardo Lopez and Fausto Pinto are options as well.

Anyway, with Wednesday's rout the result is meaningless. That Mexico beat Bolivia by a lot does not mean Mexico will beat Costa Rica by a lot. However, for the players who did well yesterday, it should give them confidence and will help Eriksson as he plans the roster and a starting lineup for March 28.


joel es latest soccer news said...

Mexico needs the confidence.

Anonymous said...

another meaningless, played in front of another drunken crowd....