Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Down and out

Nice to see Houston defend their colors and MLS, for 20 minutes anyway.

Atlante 3, Houston 0. Atlante wins CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinal series by a 4-1 aggregate and are through to the semifinals.

I wonder... I think I included the stat in a recent column, probably the SI.com one from Friday. I think it's now an aggregate score of 44-10 that Mexican teams have over their MLS counterparts in the CCC/CCL since 2002, in games played in Mexico.

Over the years, we've heard about how MLS teams could and should be included in Copa Libertadores, which I've always felt was laughable. Now, not only do I not think MLS should have any part of Copa Libertadores, or Sudamericana for that matter, but I wonder whether they should be in the CONCACAF Champions League. Okay, that's a stretch, but four teams? Really? Based on what, exactly?

If you factor in previous results, MLS should have one team in the tournament proper and another team in the play-in round and that's it.

Atlante are through to the semifinals now. On the weekend, they can go back to stinking up the joint in league.


Anonymous said...

at least mls took superliga 08... that's gotta count for something.... right?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

All I could think about was the article written by you in regards to the MLS stats in CCL... it was a real disgrace...

East River said...

Superliga!! Well their is always that:-)!! If MLS fans would not watch the Superliga games and not attend them MLS would be forced to give up that tournament and then have to take Champions League a bit more seriously. By the way Superliga teams will be MLS teams that could not get into Champions League. So we may not even take that this year. Well there is always the Open Cup to blow off.

Maqroll said...

I wonder if the MLS has reached its peak? With the economic crisis and the departure of Prince Beckham, fleeing of Barca from Miami - I think the MLS may want to concentrate on its survival rather than expansion, or competing in tournaments that it players do not take seriously.

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys remember what Kinnear yelled out to the ref on one of those soft fouls: "Aw ****, you gotta be ******* kidding me!"? Well that sums up Houston's effort, level, depth. Are they really that bad? MLS? What a disgrace to both team and league. I really thought Luis was exaggerating a bit about MLS getting their ass handed to them. But wow! I feel like I did after the WC debockle. REALITY CHECK!!?
Time to reassess. I'm not even a Houston fan and I feel like Alexi L after that Redbull shotgun! Cold gin anyone? Luis, any cheritable kind words for the ass-less mls?

--Bofo's Sister

Anonymous said...

I originally wrote: LB = Kiss of Death on the Atlante v Houston Preview posting.

I was wrong and Luis was right.

MLS will not go anywhere until the league increases player salaries.

On a side note, LB I really do appreciate your articles on Mexican soccer (even though I don’t always agree with you). Keep up the good work.

East River said...

If the PR Islanders have proved anything its that MLS does not need to increase the players salaries. I can not believe a team that only been around 5 yrs and plays on an baseball crazy island of only a few million manages to win their series 3-1 and get into region's semi-finals! Way to go Puerto Rico!