Thursday, March 26, 2009

Family affair

My tio Sergio is in charge of Santos now, as he replaced Daniel Guzman as manager.

Except, we're not related. But I can call him tio. I mean, how many Buenos are there?

I actually do have a tio named Sergio who lives in Mexico, but his last name is Valenzuela.


Anonymous said...

I thought Guzman was viewed as one of the young, up incoming managers in Mexican football. I know Santos is currently not producing results but it seems they pulled the trigger as little quick?

Any thoughts?

L.B. said...

At first I was surprised, but then when you consider that... let me see... America, Morelia, Atlas, Chivas and now Santos have sacked their respective managers in the last, what eight weeks, it's not that surprising in that context.

But Guzman was and is one of the better young managers in Mexico. It's a joke that he's gone, to be quite honest. I don't know if the fact that he went all out in the CONCACAF Champions League had an effect on the league play and output, which in turn led to his firing, or what. Maybe the club management didn't want him to use all the regulars in the CCL or something. Either way, he should not have been fired.

I thought he could have built up a bit of a strong club there in Santos, some longevity with success both domestically and internationally. I mean, they won the league in C08, went to the semis in A08 and now all of the sudden he's fired?

And despite his last name, Sergio Bueno is not the answer. WTF? He's got 54 career losses to 38 wins or something like that. He'll be gone by the end of 2008 and Santos will go down the toilet. Not even sure if they'll beat Atlante now in the CCL. Santos set themselves back a few seasons with this idiotic move.

And one more thing, if Chivas are smart (which many times I think that they're not) but if they are they'll re-hire Guzman and let him work his stuff there. Guzman will have Chivas contending for a title before too long.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the detailed response! I've been following Santos since they almost when down a couple of years ago. And I saw Guzman as one of the reasons they stayed up and went on the win the league.

I'm very disappointed. Guzman will not be out of work for long.