Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shake-up in Guadalajara

A lot has been going on down in Guadalajara lately, and it may have an effect on Chivas USA.

- Chivas VP Nestor De La Torre left the club for a role with the national team. Nestor has shown his face here in Carson for some time now, and he's been involved with what little player movement has gone on between the clubs.

- Chivas sacked Efrain Flores. That's no real surprise, just perhaps that it took so long to finally oust him.

- Chivas' Francisco Mendoza was banned for two games after a red card on Saturday. Panchito has barely played for Chivas.

There may or may not be a ripple effect. Flores welcomed Mendoza to the club and the move from north to south was streamlined by De La Torre. If the incoming coach wants no part of Mendoza, which isn't really a stretch, perhaps Mendoza might find his way back to Carson in the summer.

It's also possible that whatever promises De La Torre made in terms of players, perhaps with Jared Borgetti, a rumor that was strong in the preseason, will be followed through by his successor or the Guadalajara front office in general.

It just seems that if there was anyone who had Chivas USA on their mind or in their corner down in Mexico, it was De La Torre. Of course, we've seen plenty of suits during the years here but his has been the only consistent one.

Don't know, maybe it's a stretch to think that some front-office moves in Guadalajara would have an affect on Chivas USA but if nothing else one more semi-familiar face won't be seen 'round these parts any more.


Anonymous said...

I don't think any of this matters. Preki has no interest in Mexican players.

Claudio Suarez
Mariano Trujillo
Eduardo Lillingston

joel es latest soccer news said...

Chivas De GDL seems to be in a transition period