Monday, March 23, 2009

Liechtenstein Beckons Rankings (March 23)

I suppose I should preface this by saying that some teams impressed me with wins and good performances while others didn't and still showed flaws.

1. Chicago. McBride bags winner, Blanco scores on free kick - a winning combination.
2. Columbus. Barros Schelotto still has magic touch.
3. New England. Reports of their demise have been premature.
4. Toronto. Defense still has issues but when Guevara is on form, it doesn't matter much.
5. Real Salt Lake. Season started early for everyone save RSL.
6. Seattle. Three-nil ass whipping of MLS Cup finalists great start for franchise.
7. Houston. Hung right in with MLS champs, but defense wilted at the wrong moment.
8. San Jose. Offense doesn't show much of anything - a sign of things to come?
9. Kansas City. Hirsig > Marinelli.
10. Chivas USA. Nagamura makes up for bad performance by Lillingston and Braun.
11. New York. Red Bulls remind us once again that last year's MLS Cup was indeed a fluke.
12. Colorado. Allowed two goals to a team that had nothing going forward.
13. Galaxy. They'd not have come back against a better defense.
14. DC United. Is Gomez's goal proof that he's back? Well, he did score in last year's opener too.
15. FC Dallas. Defensive questions worsened after one match.


joel es latest soccer news said...

Toronto proved strong against a tough defense.

Anonymous said...

Jumping the gun much on NY? Sheesh...

just another one of you said...

re: NY - well said. Last year was a fluke, but they'll have 5 new starters within 2 weeks so...

Seattle #2 in the west already? I smell a let down coming on

Anonymous said...

Chivas USA will lose by at least 2 goals this weekend. Mark my words.