Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Morning ramblings

I've got some links for you this morning. Strangely, my PE column was not linked. It happens sometimes. When I have time later, I'll get to the meat of the column as I wrote about how the Galaxy and Chivas USA will struggle to compete in the Western Conference.

Mark Zeigler of the San Diego Union-Tribune takes a look at the MLS season. Zeigler is always worth a read.

Nick Green wrote in his Tuesday column about the local teams' struggles with injuries. Galaxy could be hurting for players on Sunday. Not good. At least they're hosting DC, which is expected to finish towards the bottom of the Eastern Conference.

Vancouver may indeed get an MLS team. Vancouver is set to be announced as the league's 17th team - and second Canadian entry - in MLS. I know some think that Canada should get its own league and why should MLS bother with Canadian teams but I'm all for bringing in Vancouver. It's a city that seems poised to support an MLS team, and while Toronto isn't exactly nearby there could be a rivalry there. Of course, there likely will be a rivalry with Seattle and if Portland gets a team that would add to that as well. Exciting times for Vancouver.

In case you're wondering - because I was too - it's about 140 miles or so from Seattle to Vancouver.

Many on the staff, including yours truly, made their predictions for the upcoming season. While not all of my picks are on there, I do chime in on the Rookie and MVP honors.

Don't forget to check out's Mexico page for news on Mexico en ingles.

My man Bruce McGuire, formerly of DuNord, has been contributing to the new Bunky County blog. It's not the same wealth of info but some updates nonetheless. Good to see Bruce up and running.


Anonymous said...

ooops, the xenophobes (and there are lots of them in this fine forum) will sh****t, but it's vancouver, baby!

joel es latest soccer news said...

Vancouver could be a good expansion team.