Thursday, March 19, 2009

BC reaction

With Vancouver having received an MLS franchise, I wondered what some of the reaction there would be like. Hockey is king in Canada and Vancouver is home to the Canucks but I wondered if the support from the public would be as ardent as it has been in Toronto.

It's hard to say after one day, really. Ticket sales will give a bit more of an indication to the level of excitement, but the mayor of Vancouver said "we are a soccer city." Apparently the mayor watched the Whitecaps of the NASL play in person.

The president of the new club, Bob Lenarduzzi, seems like a perfect person to head the team. He's a former player, a Vancouverite who is committed to his city, and he's known as Mr. Soccer for chrissake.

The new club is also excited about hosting some of the world's big clubs and talked about adding on a DP and even has some sort of residency/youth development system in place already.


drew_brown said...

Vancouver already runs one of the most professional USL1 teams AND they have an Academy system in place that has already moved players to its USL1 squad. They have charged MLS prices for USL1 games for years ($20-$40US).

I think they'll do great.

joel es latest soccer news said...

I hope that their ticket sales mirror the Sounders.

Anonymous said...

the whitecaps have endured through the years, the club has remained in business since the collapse of the nasl... it competed in the canadian soccer league in the eighties, then moved the predecessor of the usl when the csl folded; the 'caps are last year's usl champs, plus the club does have a well-run youth system... a loyal following... not sure about the proposed stadium -- bc place -- and the horrid carpet that'll be installed there.... but this is great news for the 'caps.... good news for the mls as well.

Anonymous said...

Whitecaps drew good crowds during the NASL era and interest in soccer has grown since then. I think Vancouver will draw well in MLS and will be a terrific addition to the league.