Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shaping up

A little update on Chivas USA and some potential Mexican players.

* Arturo Ledesma may or may not make it here. It's not certain whether he will be here at all, as had been rumored. And you can pretty much forget about Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez and Jesus Padilla. Hernandez has been doing quite well in limited time for CD Guadalajara, and they're not about to give him up. Padilla, who knows what rolls around in his head? I just don't think the guy wants to be here. He'll probably be a Tapatio player forever.

* Eduardo Lillingston is all but a part of the squad. In fact, it's not a question of if the team will sign him but rather if he will start the season opener. It's good too because he's just a hard-working kind of guy. Not flashy, not particularly fast but just a guy that knows the game and works hard.

* Mariano Trujillo played some with Chivas USA this weekend. He was in camp last year as he was "training" with the team. At least that's the story we got. Seems there was a bit more to it than that as now he's here looking for a job. I'd like to see him get an honest chance of winning a job and fighting for a spot because I think he can be useful too.


Anonymous said...

Padilla is a chump.
I fault Vergara for not really "promoting" the Chivas USA concept to Tapatio players or reserve players.
Pncheeto's return should have been made an example of well things can turn out when you play in the MLS.

Vergara should really consider it.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Vergara, he needs to return our best youth players he has snatch from us. We will never, be able to sign talented Mexican-American kids because this fagot picks them up to Tapatio. Vergara is a greedy bastard, he doesn't want to share.

Chivas USA needs a new owner.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Chivas USA is Vergara's redheaded step child. But I guess this a slow start.

soy said...


if you owned a team with 2 "lower level" squads, wouldnt you snatch up the talent from those squads?

it sucks, but its business.

Anonymous said...

How do you explain that to CUSA season ticket holders then?

Anonymous said...

Soy< how is chivas USA lower level? We are as much competitive as any Mexican team, including Guadalajara.

How come every time Chivas USA plays Guadalajara or Tapatio we don't put out our best team?
During the charity benefit Chivas vs Chivas USA our best players weren't even playing. No Razov, Galindo, Guzan, ect.

This year the scrimmage against Tapatio, we had trialist playing against them, not our A team, once again.

We need to develop our own players,and have them stay here, specially since Vergara doesn't want to share. He needs to stop taking our best players, or at least have them on loan, as insurance they will comeback.

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