Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nery's meltdown

Might the pressure be getting to the Mexican national team players?

It appeared Nery Castillo was feeling something - pressure, anger, frustration... something - during Wednesday's press conference.

He chastised the media, said they had no business criticizing players because they never played, among other things.


man-from-michigan said...

Sorry Luis, but I think the Reporters had the meltdown. LOL. Nery is right, everyone knows that the press in Mexico is two-faced. They should support the team now that is in this bad situation and not when they are doing good. That is when the support really counts!


Anonymous said...

LOL this was akwardly hilarious. He said what all the players have wanted to say, only that he had the balls to do it. Rafa and Pavel have lashed out at the press before but Nery took them to school.

If anything this might bring in some unity among the team, since they all congratulated him for what he did.

This is why I love the Mexican national team its so highly entertaining, unlike the dullness of the U.S.

Adam said...


I have advice for you, although I've never been a professional player. I hope you'll listen. And by your logic, I can just assume you are stupid because you never went to university, so I'll keep this very simple.

Step 1: Don't read the paper or talk to the press.
Step 2: Actually play well.
Step 3: For pity's sake, have your girlfriend wax your unibrow.

Get back to me,


Anonymous said...

"You know the difference [between you and me]? I'm in Europe and you're in Mexico. And you're always going to be in Mexico."