Monday, March 2, 2009

Galaxy versus... yawn... the Rapids

The Galaxy will play the Colorado Rapids in a US Open Cup play-in game on April 7 at Home Depot Center.

A year ago, the teams played a snoozer of a game in their USOC play-in match. Can't lie and admit that I'm particularly excited about the prospect of Colorado coming here again and stinking up the joint again and still having a chance of winning.

Neither David Beckham nor Landon Donovan were in the country when that game was played, and who knows if they will be around for this game either. It's a week after the United States' third qualifier (vs. T&T in Nashville on April 1) so presumably Donovan will be around. Who knows about Beckham. Probably neither would play much anyway, since it's a play-in game and everything anyway.

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Anonymous said...

That wasn't that bad of a game, Luis. If I recall Ruiz hit the post from just past the midfield line.