Monday, March 2, 2009

Swiss cheese

Raphael Wicky retired from Chivas USA today. Nice of him to wait until the dawn of the season.

It's safe to say that Wicky is one of the biggest busts in the club's short history, and that's saying a lot. He played in five games for Chivas USA when he was expected to be a big part of the club's midfield.


Anonymous said...

raphael who? i guess that's your point

Anonymous said...

Preky never learns:

Hey look @ the bright side Luis at least he isn't in Millan making his pub club look like shit.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who's a bigger bust for Chivas USA, Guevara, Wicky or Preki.

Anonymous said...

Biggest bust are:

Union Ultras

Anonymous said...

Im the biggeest bust ever!!

John O'Brien

East River said...

Have to say John O'Brien on the biggest bust at Chivas USA. The guy only played a total of 5 mintues in 1 right? And that was really just to justify him getting picked for the 06 World Cup team. At least Wickey actually announced his retirement. JOB just left everybody wondering what happen to him.

Anonymous said...

You cant forget busts were guys like Hector Cuadros and Issac Romo and the rest of the 05 Chivas rejects

albert said...

You can't call Wicky a bust because I think no one outside of the people who hired him and maybe two or three journalists knew who he was.

He wasn't brought here with any sort of hyped expectations.

The ideal thing would have been for him to positively contribute to the team .
But he didn't, it just is what it is .

Busts are guys like Amado and Obrien,who were brought here with the expectations of them being the stars of the team.

Amado's case is a more burning case ,becuase Chivas actually based their a large part of their 2007 marketing campaign around Amado.

Wicky wasn't even touted one bit