Thursday, March 19, 2009


My predictions for this season. Half of them will be wrong, I guarantee it. Also, don't compare my Week 1 rankings to how I think they'll finish, because I based Week 1 on how strong I feel they are entering the season, not how I think the season will unfold.

MLS Cup: Chicago over San Jose

Supporters Shield: Chicago

MVP: Darren Huckerby, San Jose

Rookie of the Year: Omar Gonzalez, Galaxy

Coach of the Year: Sigi Schmid, Seattle

Western Conference:
1. San Jose
2. Houston
3. Seattle
4. Real Salt Lake
5. Colorado
6. Chivas USA
7. Galaxy
8. FC Dallas

Eastern Conference
1. Chicago
2. Columbus
3. Kansas City
4. New England
5. Toronto
6. New York
7. DC United


Anonymous said...

Chivas sucks, we get it.

Chivas is old, we get it.

Chivas is hurt, we get it.

Nice job. (stroke, stroke)

man-from-michigan said...


I like the fact that you don't rank Chivas USA high. Some writers rank the the team in their area on top and end up on the bottom.

Last season we had too many different starting line-ups and still made it to the playoffs. It really can't get worse than that.

We do have more injuries and we do have more players recovering, but I don't think it will be as bad as last year.

Optimistic Michoacano

shelbo said...

I want some of what ever you're smoking!

Anonymous said...

Between Luis and Nick Green, there is no chance for Chivas USA to accomplish much of anything this season. Can you say last place?

Damn, our season is over. At least there's "Dancing with the Stars"


joel es latest soccer news said...

I am surprised that so many have FC Dalas close to last place. I believe that Chivas will be ok this year.

Edellaine said...

Put RSL at #1 and those rankings are just about right, though the Galaxy might make a hard challenge for last place. Our cap space is still a mess, and we have too many injury prone players (Dunivant, Miglioranzi, Kirovski).

Matt said...

Luis can you explain why you think San Jose is in such a strong position other than the fact that they have Huckerby for the whole season?

I am not trying to call you out, I am just curious, and haven't really paid much attention to San Jose this offseason.

So what's the story?

Anonymous said...

Chivas USA: I think Preki´s magic and luck is gone, also the FO has no idea to run a soccerteam, dificult situation. Poor fans (handful left or so?)