Saturday, March 7, 2009

Chivas USA update

In their penultimate preseason match, Chivas USA lost to Chicago 2-1. The Fire's goals were scored by Justin Mapp and Brian McBride, the latter of which was a vicious side volley few goalkeepers could have stopped.

Some observations/notes:

* Chivas USA will play Houston in a friendly on Friday at 7 p.m. It will be inside the main stadium and will be the final dress rehearsal for both sides.

* Eduardo Lillingston is signed and sealed and almost delivered. The club offered him a contract and he signed it.

* Maykel Galindo (remember him?) played. He got in sometime in the second half and was rusty. He did draw a penalty kick though.

* Ante Jazic looks pretty solid at left back. Expect him to start there this season with Jonny B in the midfield. Bornstein took a knock against San Jose Wednesday and did not play.

* Mariano Trujillo saw some action in the second half but the former Morelia man is apparently here just as a guest and not on trial. That's what we were told but I'm not buying it. He's obviously not playing for anyone in Mexico right now. He can be useful and would add some experience and pace along the right side.

* Injured Chivas players include: Ante Razov, Alecko Eskandarian, Lawson Vaughn, Atiba Harris, Sasha Victorine, Bobby Burling and Bornstein. And here we thought the offseason would help Chivas regain their strength.


Anonymous said...

when is Alecko not hurt?

Anonymous said...

It is all one big mess, let´s close the doors and leave it fo what it was...some nice memeries; but mainly promises and problems. Good job, Hamilton/Hunter/Cue....
Greatings from NorCal, Go SAN JOSE!

joel es latest soccer news said...

CHicago will be a good team.