Monday, March 2, 2009

Friendly win

Chivas USA won their third-to-last preseason friendly by a 4-0 score over the Ventura County Fusion.

For all the match coverage, go to their blog.

I wouldn't read much into the score as the Ventura County Fusion are hardly an opponent to get worked up over. I'd say games against San Jose (on Wednesday) and Chicago (Saturday) will be more telling in terms of how the club will look like entering the season.

Still, I think Eduardo Lillingston is doing well for himself as he was involved in the first two goals on Sunday. Lillingston could very well earn himself a spot on the team and some playing time. Another possible newcomer, Diego Scotti, also got in some playing time. He trained with the team down in Guadalajara and is now with the team here, so we'll see if that means he caught the interest of the coaching staff or not.

Anyway, we'll try and update you on the comings and goings of the squad as Monday is roster compliance day, which means some players will be looking for jobs soon.


man-from-michigan said...

Leo Bautista looks good as well. The GAlaxy let him go. I talked to him after the match yesterday and he said that they made a Big mistake and he hopes to demonstarte that on the field!!!


Anonymous said...

who is bautista? is he one of those cuban cracks that are kicking around the usl?

man-from-michigan said...

There is a video on youtube about Henry Leo Bautista. He is 25 yrs old, has speed, and was captain with his former team. Unfortunately, Preki decided he was no use for us. I don't understand if Bobby Burling is injured and Claudio is not coming back, how is it that Leo did not fit?