Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Biggest busts

Okay, the Raphael Wicky thing got me thinking about Chivas USA's all-time biggest busts. Lots of different criteria to use I suppose - expectations, hype, previous stops - but narrowed it down using my own criteria.

Guys like the second-division players hadn't played in the top flight before and few knew what to expect. I made an exception for the goalie since I'm not sure he played for anyone's first team before joining Chivas USA. And two guys never played (and to be fair one was because of an injury), but the way they were hailed prior to their arrivals, you'd have expected something from them. The fact the injured guy was not brought back and went on to play first division soccer in Mexico says something as well.

Chivas USA's All-Bust XI

G: Sergio "Matute" Garcia
D: Douglas Sequiera
D: Alfonso Loera
D: Jorge Barrera
M: John O'Brien
M: Hector "Pirata" Castro
M: Amado Guevara
M: Raphael Wicky
M: Johnnie Garcia
F: Arturo Torres
F: Isaac Romo
Coach: Hans Westerhof

You might say, where's Pulpo Zuniga? Well, we all knew that guy was washed up. Garcia was highly touted for his goalkeeping skills but was pretty much useless. Barrera , well, I'm not sure he got a real chance here but again he was supposed to offer something, anything, minutes... but he didn't even get on the field. Castro was a casualty of the Giants Stadium turf in 2005 but the club thought so much of him they didnt' bring him back during the offseason.

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