Friday, March 27, 2009

Oh yeah... forgot about that

MLS has a full slate of games on tap for this weekend. Nevermind that the US national team has a World Cup qualifier on Saturday. It's okay, don't bother shutting the league down.

To be honest, it's so infuriating and has been for so many years that I'm all but numb to it right now. I'm just happy that there aren't any games out at Home Depot Center so I can stay home and watch Mexico-Costa Rica and US-El Salvador uninterrupted... well, at least uninterrupted by soccer (soccer won't get in the way of soccer after all). I'll probably have to figure something out about my daughters. Hmm... lots of ice cream and cookies! That'll keep 'em quiet.

Anyway, here's a Week 2 preview from's Kyle McCarthy.

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Anonymous said...

typical canales fluff on display... right out of the us soccer pr office...